The famously healthy and flavorful Ureshino tea is the specialty of Kawahara.
Located in the heart of Ureshino, Saga, we boast a large selection of these fine teas.

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Kawahara Chagyou Co., Ltd.
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For amazing Ureshino tea,
look no further than Ureshino's Kawahara

In 1911 Zen master Eisai cultivated the first green tea plant of Japan on the slopes of Mt Sefuri in Saga prefecture. He then formed the beginning of Japanese tea culture right in Saga, which was then taken and spread across Japan by another monk named Baisao. Among those first teas the quality of Ureshino tea was considered exceptional, and even today the remarkable teas for which the area became famous are still produced here. Kawahara delivers consistently excellet Ureshino tea to customers by starting from the careful cultivation and maintainence of the land and plants, to the meticulous control of production, right down the selection of the best teas for sale.

How our tea is made

Origin of tea in Ureshino,
Saga Prefecture

Nestled in its peaceful basin, Ureshino is blessed with clear air and fertile soil. This coupled with an excellent climate allows for the growing of high-quality teas. In recent years as more and more people discover the health and beauty benefits of tea products, Ureshino and its storied tea history have become more and more famous.

Ureshino,Saga Prefecture

How to prepare the tea

Preparing hot tea
Preparing iced tea

*Be careful when handling hot water
*Please use tea soon after opening
*Keep out of direct sunlight
If kept in the fridge, other flavors may dilute or affect the tea

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